Tangles of Ivy

Currently displayed in the window of my new gallery/shop is 'A Tangle of Ivy'.  

I painted it several years ago when the first fragile shoots of Tanglefrost were beginning to push through the fertile soil of my mind.  So, as I make the final preparations for the shop opening and begin the next 'chapter' of my journey, it seems highly appropriate to be hanging there.

"What is behind the tangle?" the painting seems to whisper. "What mysteries will be revealed?"  

It feels like fresh nutritious sap is coursing through my veins right now: bountiful possibility and opportunity, nourishing and invigorating. New stems coil and stretch towards the light, wild and free, buds swell, bursting with unfurling leaves and blossom.  I feel breathless and heady but, curiously, at peace.  

Since my journey with Tanglefrost began, I have learnt to simple relax and trust.  All will be well.  

Thank you for being here with me.


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