Sparkling Greetings!

Peeping through the trees, I welcome you most warmly to the magical world of Tanglefrost: a world of joy, beauty and hope... but especially the bliss-full freedom of dancing with flowers in our hair!

I am very much looking forward to sharing my sculpted leather creations and all that inspires them.

Together we will explore the ancient wooded river valleys and wild moorland of the Peak District where I live: feeling the warmth of the sun on our faces, the tingle of rain on our skin, and to gasp with breathless wonderment at the fragile intricacy of leaf and flower!  I hope that you too will fling your arms wide and be enraptured by the incredibleness of each shimmering moment: a world of infinite possibility!

For it is these very moments that ignite my very soul, challenging me to express these discoveries within my work and creative life.

So often the world seems choc-full of frantic busy-ness, noise and chaos. Increasingly our hearts yearn to retreat to a simpler way of life, to refresh and recharge.  

As we journey together through Tanglefrost, let us be inspired to seek out sacred spaces within our world:  to return to the graceful tranquility beneath the trees, to dip our toes into icy waters, to drift on the bubbling swell of lark-song, to tremble in the iridescent glimmer of a butterfly's wing and intoxicated amidst the heady scents of a wildflower meadow... all acts of remembering and thankful acknowledgement. 

Here's to many adventures together, being showered in wildflowers and being completely overwhelmed with joy!

Thank you for being here!

Sparkling blessings,

Jo x

Photograph courtesy of John Mottershaw.

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