Deep Listening

One of the many things I adore about Tanglefrost is listening carefully to the wonderful creative ideas of my clients.

The process of working through commissions is always exciting. This is when a client asks me to support them in designing a unique piece for a gift or special event. Rather than taking the lead and presenting my own proposals, I regard this as a partnership; so together, we plan and refine ideas, exchanging sketches and photographs, sometimes even poetry or a painting. Such mutual cooperation provides a fantastic opportunity to explore a much wider range of possibilities than we would ever have discovered on our own.

Sometimes clients combine elements from contrasting Tanglefrost designs or simply request that an item is made in an alternative colour-way.  Occasionally I am asked to create items that I may never have even considered before!

The excitement, as we work through ideas together, is incredibly special, particularly with those who are unused to exploring their own creativity.  Some seem shy at first but, with encouragement, are soon swept along by the seeming 'novelty' of the design process.  How thrilling it is to witness their increasing confidence and wide-eyed wonderment as they see their ideas take form and shape. 

So often these very ideas are beautiful, imaginative and unique. As such I count it as a real privilege to support clients in realising them. Its like unlocking a chest of sparkling treasure!  Hence I feel my role during the commission process is one of deep and careful listening, in order to give honour and credence to something that is immensely precious.

I myself adore designing and creating, seeing my own ideas come to life.  But to be privy to another's dreams and imaginings is probably the most rewarding experience of all.  For, as my clients share more and more, so their confidence grows; not just because someone else is showing them respect, by truly paying attention to their thoughts and suggestions, but also in sticking with them during the often messy, vulnerable refining stages of the design process too.  For when we listen, we validate and honour the importance of what others think and believe, their experiences and knowledge, their likes and dislikes. It enables us to glimpse an alternative perspective, to examine a new way of perceiving and to simply enjoy the thrill of something new and unique being birthed into reality.

I sincerely hope that, as a result of us working alongside each other to create a special piece, my clients will then have the confidence to continue to apply their own creativity to enrich other areas of their lives.

Do you have a design idea that is bursting to be realised?  Have you been searching for ages to find an item that matches your imaginings but to no avail?  Please message me here.  I would be delighted to work with you, so that together we can create a unique piece especially for you. 

Sparkling blessings,

Jo xx

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