Gifts for the teacher

A collage of pinsThe end of the academic year was always a roller-coaster of emotions when I was teaching.  It was a time for reflection, celebration and thanksgiving, of hope and joys for the future.  

There was the frantic busyness of sorting and clearing the classroom, giving out artwork and used exercise books.  A wealth of items and photographs, generously donated for displays and sharing times, were gratefully returned to their owners.  So much laughter-filled reminiscing as we recounted all our adventures together. There were the final plays and concerts, sports days and end of year reports, preparations for moving up year groups, classroom or progressing onto the next school.  All shared with tender smiles, familiarity and the rich beauty of reciprocal remembering.

Amidst it all was the gift-giving. The notes, cards and tokens slipped into warm palms as each of my students exited through the doorway for the final time, barely even capturing how precious each of them were (and still are) to me. Yet what always left me totally overwhelmed were the gifts and messages I also received: from parents, care-givers and the pupils themselves.  So many words and tokens of deep appreciation and thankfulness which touched me deeply. 

So here at Tanglefrost I wish to offer up potential gifts for the teachers in your life..... floral pins that whisper truths from their own journey thus far: how, from their initial raw-hide state, they too have been carefully moulded and stretched, encouraged and inspired, warmed and adorned, to create surprising beauty and uniqueness.  Follow the link here to our collection. There are many shades and styles to choose from or, alternatively, commission a design to capture the thankfulness blooming within your own heart.

Sparkling blessings

Jo xx


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