Floral Adornments

" No sorrow on your drooping leaves be seen;

Let all be proud of such a queen,

So fit the floral crown to wear,

To glorify the day, and grace the youthful year."

    ~ John Hughes

It is with much joy that we welcome the return of our enchanting blossom wreaths for sale.  

Although these have, in recent years, only been offered on a commission basis, our floral crowns have always been popular.  They can be created in a variety of sizes, colours, density and leaf/flower combinations giving immense flexibility. The blooms look delicate, but they are in fact incredibly durable, able to withstand the challenges of our British weather (!) and retaining that freshly-picked vibrancy that we love.

Customers have purchased these unique hand-crafted creations as hair accessories for brides and bridesmaids, for fairy fests and Renaissance Fairs, as well as home decor items.

In our catalogue, we are show-casing our most popular range: a simple blossom circlet in shades of either white or pink.  Should you require an alternative colour combination or style, please contact me.  I would  be delighted to work with you in creating a special wreath just for you!

I adore the curling leaves and petals, painted in soft shades that shimmer with pearls. As I sit in my studio, sculpting and painting, listening to birdsong and the whisper of the wind through the trees, its almost as if I have been transported into a fairyland itself... scents of wildflowers drift languidly on the breeze, bees buzzing lazily in the dappled sunlight and sometimes, if I listen very carefully, the gentle lilt of a sung melody or the rippling notes of a flute.

What shimmering magic moments glorify your day?

Sparkling blessings

Jo xx

Photograph courtesy of John Mottershaw

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