Coming soon!

We can all dream.  But often we never even imagine that those dreams will actually become a reality.  

At the beginning of every year, as I review my biz plan and begin scheduling targets for the months ahead, I always take time to ponder my hopes and dreams for Tanglefrost.  This time last year I was keen to establish a new website that would enable customers to purchase items direct from me, rather than through an external provider.  I also wanted to explore the possibility of moving my studio out of my home and into alternative premises; I felt this would give me a healthier work/life balance and make it easier for clients to visit me too.  

I am incredibly pleased with my new e-commerce site.  I hope you will agree that it is simple to navigate and will provide me with an excellent platform to further expand and evolve.

As to my studio, my thoughts were very sketchy.  Ideally I wanted to have contact with other creatives and artisans but also provide a venue for hosting workshops.  

A few months ago, I discovered a quaint cobbled alleyway, beneath a glass dome: a thriving vibrant community of local artisans, stylish boutiques and delicious eateries. It seemed like an ideal place to have a gallery/studio/shop yet I surmised that units becoming available were rare.

Well, I am delighted to say that a unit DID become available!  

Tanglefrost will very soon be opening in Getliffe's Yard, Leek.

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